The Pokemon Company and Game Freak finally Chose to unveil the Potential for This much-beloved Pokemon franchise tonight Using a series of Statements at an event in Tokyo, Japan. One of those announcements proven to be an all-new free-to-play adventure entitled Pokemon Quest.

As seen in the aforementioned featured picture, Pokemon Quest will feature the original Pokemon of the Kanto region, that this moment take a cube-like form. The game occurs in an all-new place named Tumblecube Island, which comprises many hidden secrets and items. Trainers will also have the ability to change the qualities of their Pokemon in the game via the use of items called Power Stones.

Yes, that’s correct. You can run to your Switch at the moment and start downloading Pokemon Quest for your own instantly. As for the mobile variant of the game, it will be coming on smart phones in late June.

It is possible to locate the show preview for Pokemon Quest at the base of the page to your viewing pleasure. As previously mentioned, should you wanna play this one for yourself, go catch your Switch and begin downloading Pokemon Quest at the moment.

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