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A little over two weeks after launching, Rare now released the first significant content update to Sea of Thieves that’s named The Hungering Deep.

The launching of The Hungering Deep contrasts with Rare’s weekly programmer upgrade video series and because you may have guessed, now ’s event concentrates entirely on the new add-on.  Sea of Thieves Executive Producer Joe Neate discusses how excited he is in the video for players to finally discover all of the hidden slabs of new content which have now been added into Sea of Thieves.

Besides briefly discussing The Hungering Deep, Neate goes on to mention E3 2018 as well as the possible Sea of Thieves information that might come from the show. While there’s not far to really go off , Neate does confirm that the pirate adventure name is going to have a presence during E3 and they’ll be teasing upcoming content updates which are going to be coming to Sea of Thieves later on.

You can get the full video for your weekly Sea of Thieves upgrade at the bottom of the webpage. If you’ve been playing Sea of Thieves today, just how do you feel about The Hungering Deep so far? And if you haven’t played with it since release, is now ’s fresh upgrade something which will bring you back to the high seas? Make sure to let us know down in the comments.

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