PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One

Battle Princess Madelyn’s developer Causal Bit Games Inc has released a brand-new movie that teases the gameplay to the first chapter of this retro-themed side-scroller. The title crushed the Kickstarter funding last year in April by increasing 212,665 CA with 3,402 backers.

The video starts with an extremely quick glimpse at the name screen revealing a story mode, arcade mode, and a brand new menu. The story then introduces us to modern-day Madelyn being read a bedtime story telling the story of Madlyn along with her pet Fritzy who struggle against an evil wizard.

Fritzy dies while trying to shield Madelyn but is subsequently brought back as a ghostly thing and both head off to stop the wizard.

The gameplay eventually begins and shows off antique side-scroller themes throughout, for example rapid battle and interactive characters.

Players may also be able to assign their own difficulty settings easily allowing for a more tough experience or a more casual approach.  The gameplay ends with a look at the first boss of the game. The official Kickstarter upgrade that introduced now comprehensive Warp Stones, enabling Madelyn to travel to unlocked places.

They also talk Level 5b, the second underwater level that includes puzzle solving raising and lowering water levels. The programmer also cites a charming moment in which his daughter –whom the game is inspired by– helped layout up a haunting tree enemy.

They assisted the programmer throughout the Kickstarter campaign. We watched some new screenshots to get Battle Princess Madelyn rear at December 2017, and we all ’ve been revealed another four which can be seen below along with the gameplay .

Battle Princess Madelyn will soon be available on PS4, PS Vita, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Wii U, and PC.

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