With E3 so dangerously close, it is not easy not to forget that it is one of many gambling and tech-related conferences. And this season, DualShockers chose a trip to a brand new one for us: AT&T Form 2018. While other conferences often focus either primarily on technology, gaming, filmmaking, or even the eSports scene, AT&T Shape merges those theories together. What does technology imply for all three of these markets?

This is the second year for AT&T Shape; the first Tech & Entertainment Expo happened in 2017 together with Director Kathryn Bigelow and Actress Kate Hudson taking center stage. This season, set to the backdrop of Warner Bros..

More intriguing than the panels was that the technology that supports them. While many people reading this obviously saw Ready Player One, AT&T Twist 2018 put a spotlight on both the tech in and behind the movie. While virtual reality may look like 2017’s buzz word, there was more than a few major improvements in the area we got to explore on the scene. Even more intriguing to core gamers was the exploration into motion catch — i.e. mo-cap — technology that fuels most of the cinematic experiences we see in gambling.

Also from the gallery below, you will observe a number of the newly-revealed tech that’s been shown pre-E3. Namely, the Razer Blade 15 that is a gorgeous reimagining of the gamer-friendly line of gaming laptops. Oh, and some Fortnite — that is a much more mainstream tradition complete, do you have to contain what’s popular.

While we work on our hands-on experiences from attendees such as Razer, Samsung, along with HTC, check out the gallery below of our weekend excursion into the Present technician scene for filmmaking, eSports, and everything in-between:

On Scene Reporting: Greg Contaldi, Contributor

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