Nowadays leaks appear to be the norm more than the exception, especially before E3.

Steam just did its own form of dripping, by allowing a promotional picture of Just Cause 4 seem on its client. Just like that.

Unfortunately, while the menu will not possess a “click for details” button, compelling it doesn’wont yield any result, since the shop list obviously isn’t open to the public.  If you rush, you can probably discover the picture yourself, as it has not yet been taken down at the present time of the writing.

For now, there’s absolutely no information on programs (besides clearly PC) and launch dates, but it looks like the iconic grappling hook will soon probably return.

We’re likely going to listen to more at E3 in only a couple days.

If you’re considering the Just Cause series, known for its intense destruction, large explosions, and enormous open worlds, you may check out our review of this game’s Length: Just Cause 3.

Just Cause 4 Leaked by Ad on Steam

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