PS4, Xbox One

Capcom just released the updated event and challenge quest schedule because of its enormously popular action game Monster Hunter World.

The program includes quests all the way to June 28th, and you may read them all below.

There’s certainly a whole lot to enjoy.  Along with that, another item pack is being distributed starting now, to observe the most recent tournament in Hokkaido’s capital community Sapporo. This time around it is the”Handle with Care!

Monster Hunter World Gets Free Bomb Pack and Gold Wyverian Print; Event Quest Schedule Updated

As normal, the package will be available in your log-in bonus. You simply have to get into the game and press triangle to draw it.

Below you can take a look at a couple of screenshots showing all of the new quests contained in the schedule.

Incidentally, we recently heard that the game sent over eight million copies globally , and a recent articles upgrade introduced the whale monster Lunastra.

In other Monster Hunter information, Capcom recently announced that western Nintendo Switch consumers are going to be given a localization of Monster Hunter XX, together with the title Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate.

Monster Hunter World is currently accessible for PS4 and Xbox One. In case you haven’t bought it , you are able to grab a copy on Amazon.

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