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Publisher Sekai Project achieved with a media release to announce “Sekai Games” a new initiative which will concentrate on the console marketplace with “enhanced priority, quantity, and extent. ”

The focus on the initiative will be to “provide a wide variety of video game genres to the worldwide market to all major console marketplaces. ” This may include Japanese adventure games (IE: visual books ) and in-house built new IPs.

Below you can read a remark by Sekai Project’s Audi Sorlie

“Ever since I started helping out Sekai Project 4 decades ago, my primary goal and focus has always been to deliver Sekai Project’s lead to the console space and speak with the fans across the globe how they experience the great characters and tales in Japan’s finest storytellers.

For me, Sekai Games has been many years in the making, and the assistance from your fans, as well as the console manufacturers, has been an incredible experience. I’m extremely excited to find a few of the responses to this surprises we’ve got in store for those fans. ”

The next will probably be Alice at Dissonance’s fault launching in November 2018 for PS4 and Switch.

“The story of a princess called Selphine along with her Royal Guard Ritona because they create an escape out of a brutal assault that has devastated their symbolism of Rughzenhaide comes to the Nintendo Switch!

Since both strangely teleport into an unknown forest, surrounded by vegetation not native to the environment of Rughzenhaide. The 2 should venture into an unknown land. The atmosphere is thick and heavy without a sign of life are available, which is particularly unusual for this a lush forests. Signal of life isn’t the only thing missing however. Something is odd about this land – something is amiss – however Selphine and Ritona are too startled to notice that the obvious.

Heralded as one of the greatest visual books of recent times, the fault series has seen incredible success across the globe thanks to this incredibly strong cast of female characters and world-building with an incredible attention to detail. Fantasy, science fiction, humor and horror all comes together to make one of the most thrilling tales you’ll ever encounter!

Together with the strong narrative offered by writer munisix and the amazing art of artist Konatsu Hare, fault will be one of the most amazing looking adventures to ever grace the Nintendo Switch and Playstation 4. ”

The third game announced is M.A.S.S. Builder from Vermillion Digital, launching in summer 2019 for Nintendo Switch and PC.

“Fight to shield the planet at M.A.S.S. Builder, an action-packed game with tons of player customization and strategy. Build a Mechanical Assault Skeleton Suit, or M.A.S.S. that matches your playstyle and take to the battlefield to help save humanity. Each facet of your M.A.S.S. is completely customizable, which means it is possible to design your suit to your exact preferences.

When the planet comes under attack from a hostile alien race known as the Quarks, most of humanity has to join together to fight back. You take on the role of the leader of a mercenary firm, with a group of trusted companions that will assist you in your struggle against the quarks. Select your favourite equipment to take to the fight, with nearly 40 different custom made armor components and an assortment of weapon styles.

M.A.S.S. Builder is the very first game to be published from Thai game development team Vermillion Digital, though the creators are veterans of the business. With a focus on customization, this game is sure to please fans of shooters and sci-fi stories, and offers a lot of replayability with different weapon combinations and strategies. ”

Below you can have a look at a couple of images showcasing the following three games mentioned above.

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