Today Sega and Creative Assembly introduced the very first appearance in the gameplay of the upcoming strategy title Total War: Three Kingdoms.

The video showcases a siege conflict in which the mythical typical Cao Cao strikes against the forces of the peerless warrior Lu Bu.

Interestingly, we learn there are various types of generals, who also provide the ability to recruit unique kinds of troops. The UI also appears to be significantly revised, shooting less screen estate, with the unit cards concentrated in a corner instead of the full bottom.

Another very interesting new component is duels, which will have generals fight each other in single combat until one is dead or retreats.

Talking of commanderswe see a few of them on the area, and they definitely seem to be evolved from the Total War: Warhammer series.

You may check the movie out below.

The game has recently been postponed to the spring of 2019 and naturally , it’ll come exclusively for PC.

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