PC, PS4, Xbox One

Shimbori-san explained that the subject of the game is “battling entertainment. ” While the battles of the series have always been flashy, this time around the team would like them to become even more “ferocious ” challenging what was “taboo” before. For instance with the addition of dirt around the human body and clothing of those fighters as they battle.

In terms of visuals, the skin is going to be left more sensibly, with sweat, shadows, and wrinkles improved from previous names of the series. 4K will be supported, improving the appearance of both characters and stages.

Yet another rendering engine is being used, which supports bodily lighting differently that would not be able to be included in DOA5, including more realism to figures and environments

The number of moving components for character models has been increased, adding expressiveness. You can observe emotions like laughing and crying, but also reactions when struck from the face.

The graphics of the characters will focus on “trendy ” as the team discovered from the fans at EVO 2017 the view that the women were somewhat too hot and it was awkward to play, the petition was supposed to make a game that seem sexier. Team Ninja wants everyone to be proud of playing Dead or Alive. 

Shimbori-san also cites a change in costumes, likening it to what happened to American films, which he loves. Once on a time feminine heroines wore hot outfits which highlighted the curves of the body, while nowadays they’re shifting to sharp and cool looks. That inspired the way to pursue variety if designing the characters.

That having been said, Shimbori-san mentions that this isn’t to say that the girls won’t be cute or they won’t have sex appeal, however the attention is changed onto coolness, and he thinks this is going to be a turning point for this series.

We also hear that this time round there won’t be crossover personalities at start, since the team would like to concentrate on the worldview of Dead or Alive 6.  As for what’ll occur post-launch, nothing was decided yet.

Obviously, the capacity to modify costumes will also be included, and the art group will work hard to create as many outfits as possible to include in launching. There’ll also be a story mode equal or superior to that of Dead or Alive 5.

Training mode and photo mode will also be in, but the gravure manner is not planned. It ’s about taking cool pictures. There won’t be a tag battle style, as the staff is focusing all of its resources on one vs 1 modes.

If you wish to have a first glance at the game, you also can take a look at the first trailer and screenshots from yesterday. The next reveal is scheduled for January 11th, and the game will arrive in ancient 2019 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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