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Frozenbyte Games shared a trailer this week to the launch of a free upgrade for Nine Parchments called The Astral Challenges. It includes six new arena levels, a brand new quick conversation feature, along with a new unlockable character.

The six new stadium amounts in The Astral Challenges update are intended for characters who are at level 40. Monsters at the arenas will not shed health or mana like they’re doing in Adventure Mode, but mana will permeate in-between waves of enemies, also three new items will also be available in the arenas known as Immunity, Supercharged Mana, along with Supercharged Blink.

New charms are also available and two new staffs that is found in the new arena levels.

New charms include:

  • Ice Nova
    • An Ice blastwave drops around the caster, affecting anyone captured in its wake, alerting and freezing them
    • Bargains 50 Ice damage per cast
    • 4 fees
    • 4s charge regeneration time per charge
  • Hailstorm
    • Throwable ice spell that conjures a Icefall in a large area
    • Prices 50 Ice harm per falling projectile
    • 1 charge
    • 18 second cost regeneration time each charge
  • Piercing Shadow
    • A flow of darkness magic which pierces all goals, freezing and inflicting moderate damage
    • Software fresh component type: Shadow
    • Pierces all enemies dealing 20 damage 4 occasions per minute
    • After channeling for 1.7 seconds forces up and deals 70 harm for the Rest of the channeling
    • 13.2s regeneration time to full mana

New Builders include:

  • Staff of Shadows
    • +8% Fire, Ice and Departure electricity
    • Blink prices 25 Death damage 2 times per second for 4 minutes Staff of Nightmares
    • +30% to all healing received
    • +40% ray spell power for 7 minutes after Blinking

Both charms and staffs have obtained some alterations also.

Spell alterations include:

Staff adjustments include:

  • Gislan’s Staff of Verdure
    • Improved damage from 30 to 40
  • The Staff of Serenity
    • Increased Life spell electricity from 10 percent to 15 percent
  • The Searing Staff
    • Melee currently deals 40 fire damage instead of bodily
    • Increased chance to deal with bonus damage from 20 percent to 25%
    • Improved bonus harm from 20 to 100
  • The Eventide Icicle
    • No longer gives +5% elemental resistance
    • Rather has a 40% chance to suspend melee attacker for 5s
  • The Copper Rod
    • Improved chance to stun target in melee from 10% to 20%
  • Owl’s Lightning Rod
    • Enriched quad spell charges by 15% to 25 percent
  • The Wolfram Rod
    • Shorter stun length from 25% to 50%
  • Nim’s Enchanted Broom
    • Increased opportunity to deal additional damage from 20 percent to 50%
    • Increased Steam harm in 15 to 30
  • Nim’s Boreal Broom
    • Increased maximum heap level from 3 to 30
    • Decreased damage per pile from 2 to 2 1
    • Reduced duration from 10 minutes to 3 seconds
  • The Staff of Quackening
    • Chance who Blink regenerates itself improved from 15% to 20%

Another characteristic of the update is a brand new character called Prince Selius. He has his own hat and staff accessories, unique charms, and six new achievements to unlock his new variations and skill trees. Frozenbyte states which they will disclose more about the newest personality in an upcoming blog post.

Nine Parchments is currently accessible for PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Switch.  You may have a look at the trailer for The Astral Challenges free upgrade under, and it’s currently available for all of its consoles expect for Xbox One, which will come after its limitation has been approved.  Head over here to see DualShocker’s overview of the game.

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