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Take a look at the latest news from Team17’s indie platformer Planet Alphaas it pertains in the delicious, bite-sized bundle of a brand new trailer exploring the mysteries of the cosmos. Very good news: it’s magnificent. News the majority of these mysteries want to consume you.

This latest trailer showcases a few of Planet Alpha‘s gorgeous environments, such as a firey mountainside, a peculiar lab, a beautiful undersea world, plus much more. Here, we get a flavor of some of these platforming and puzzles you may expect to see through your run in Planet Alpha, in addition to a bit of the day-night cycle which the game will feature. Together with the clear ability to restrain the growth and fall of the sun, players can change the time of day and trigger certain events or prevent certain dangers accordingly.

Planet Alpha is now also an upcoming platformer which will feature a gorgeous and vibrant alien world, full of flying whales and giant carnivorous plants declared back in March. Players must endure the pursuit of doggeddangerous, dangerous, and dastardly predators amidst this lively planet ’s ecosystem should they expect to make it out alive. The game will also feature changes based on the cycle of night and day.

While there’s ’s no word yet on Planet Alpha‘s release date, so you can check out all the game offers about the official site .

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