Now, through a pre-E3 presentation hosted by Sony Interactive Entertainment, we have the show of the new PlayStation VR game known as Ghost Giant.

Also it’s an cuter adorable “dollhouse sandbox” puzzle adventure game where the player plays a ghostly giant helping the young Luis a cast of charming characters. This isn’t overly sudden considering how adorable Fe has been .

The game is all about friendship and also developing a relationship with Louis, and if you don’t move “aww! ” while watching the show trailer below, you don’t have a heart.

Even though the player’s most visible role is moving around things too thick for Louis, the main task would be to be a supportive friend to a kid who needs a hand.

The game has been developed “only for PlayStation VR,” so that it won’t arrive at other virtual reality platforms (at least until it does. You know the way these things go).

You may have a look at the announcement trailer, and see if it appeals you as it did me.

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