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Today Koei Tecmo hosted a livestream out of Tokyo, Japan, now showing off the very first look at Warriors Orochi 4.

We got to see some battle gameplay running PS4, along with the reveal of a few of the newest playable character, that apparently is among those game’s villains (or the driving force behind its events), Zeus.

We also got the very first full trailer, revealing the brand new game in all its animated glory. Last, but not least, the official website was updated with art of Zeus himselfand a first look in the “sacred treasures,” charming weapons that will play a fundamental function in the game.

If you are wondering why the game has been tagged Musou Orochi 3 in Western, the rationale is somehow like the discrepancy in the Dynasty Warriors series, but this time around it is because the second game (Warriors Orochi 2) wasn’t called Musou Orochi 2 in Japan, but Musou Orochi Maou Sairin. 

Everything can be checked out by you below. If you would like to see more regarding the game, you also can check out a recent batch of screenshots and art of the first 164 characters.

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