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EA kicked off the E3 2018 festivities yesterday by once again hosting their own event separate from E3 from Hollywood. Before starting the event to fans and press alike for the subsequent 3 days, the publisher hosted a seminar to showcase a few of the most noteworthy names like AnthemUnravel Two, along with Battlefield V.

Michael Ruiz and yours truly, Logan Moore, were in attendance at the event and we filmed a movie giving out thoughts on everything that was shown. We talk the seminar as a whole including the lack of any notable reveals while giving our early takes on Anthem predicated on that which we’ve seen up to now.

While none of our impressions are hands just yet, we will be visiting EA’s entire lineup that is present at the show on the coming days. Make sure you keep a look out in the long run as we have previews and interviews upward for a few of EA’s biggest upcoming releases.

The movie at the bottom of the page features our own thoughts on EA’s conference whilst at the same time showing a few snippets of what the event looked like. Be sure to test it out and let us all know your thoughts on AnthemBattlefield V, and EA’so revealing as a whole at the bottom of the page.

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