PS4, Xbox One

Today is Microsoft’s media briefing and now there are still a lot of games being announced at this magnificent series, for example a follow-up to The Division, titled Tom Clancy’s The Division two: The Fall of Washington D.C.

The gameplay begins with a few players walking through an abandoned building which seems have once been a hospital. A female teammate places a crate attached to parachute chord hanging out of a hole in the ceiling. After shooting this, the package drops a Allied M133 Shotgun on the ground, which the most important player selects.

There is a Deer in the hospital darting off as it places the group of people. They depart the building and enter a little camp with tents, and also among these survivors can be heard talking about a Boy that is going to expire with no meds. The player walks through this camp also appears straight at Capitol Hill from later on.

Air Force One can be submerged and crashed inches of water in the opposite course and is surrounded by some dangerous guys. The M133 Shotgun picked up earlier is then equipped by the primary character. Flares then go up after the Air Force One controller stage is upward.

The group then storms the capital building while being bombarded with enemy flak until the clip ends with all the game’s logo.

Want to see the gameplay in action? Then click that little video directly below.

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