Open-world survival game Scum from developer Gamepires and in cooperation with Croteam is going to Steam Early Accessibility after this Summer at August. The game features offenders who wind up taking a part in an event that sees them fighting for their lives at the crazy against other contestants and other extraterrestrial terrorists.

Scum is set for a hardcore survival which ’s place online and contains character customization. It will also feature character progression and will need players to balance base level demands with knowledge-based abilities. This may indicate balancing between nutrition, metabolic rates, body mass, battle style, security techniques hacking, and weapons ability.

Should players play well and progress to higher levels of their game they’ll get presents from corporate patrons in-game. Die however and they’ll be restored together with all their skill intact.

The teaser trailer talks a lot about this name being two, however the programmer has confirmed back in 2016 that season one will be detailed through lore and that a prior title wasn’t published.

Devolver Digital declared Metal Wolf Chaos XD yesterday at its E3 press conference, also has also teased Serious Sam 4: Ground Badass screenshots after declaring it back in AprilScum was one of the titles to be shown.

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