There s no moment. Following up on the Ubisoft Press Conference, We’re about to have a deep dive into the world of PC gaming at the recurring PC Gaming Show.

What’s Happening in the PC Gaming Show? It s anyone’s guess. That means you can expect some fairly big bangers to come in non-negligible studios.

The show begins at 3:00 PM Pacific Time, so place your clocks! We’ve got about a couple of minutes to go, so get in on the fun and allow ’s see what we can anticipate on Steam in the coming year.

Obviously, if you overlook this livestream, you will still have the ability to enjoy the series on-demand, because we will replace the video with that as soon as the PC Gaming Display team makes it accessible. You’ll also have the ability to browse all of the news individually right here on DualShockers — but no pressure. Check the livestream out below:

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