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The 2nd big press conference in E3 2018 is forthcoming, and it’s Bethesda’s turn to reveal its hand.

We already know that we’re likely to find out more of Fallout 76, and another probably extensive look in Rage 2, but considering Bethesda‘s rich portfolio of possessed IPs, there are certainly few limitations to the imagination can concoct about the games that we’ll watch now.

Could the occasions be ripe for at least a replica of a new Elder Scrolls?  I’m not holding my breathbut I’d be thrilled if it were to happen.

We’re likely to see Pete Hines on point, prepared to drop the megatons, very literally.

The show kicks off at 6:30 Pacific Time, so make sure you grab some espresso (especially if you’re in Europe) and a comfortable sofa.

Needless to say, if you miss the livestream, you’ll continue to have the ability to enjoy the series on-demand, because we’ll replace the video with that when Bethesda makes it accessible.

Now you ’ll also have the ability to browse all the news individually directly here on DualShockers.

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