As the final conference to close from the pre-E3 festivities, Nintendo delivered a fantastic number of announcements and information in items we expected to listen, for example a complete disclose for Super Smash Bros..

In reaction to an interview question from IGN, Nintendo of America’s Bill Trinen clarified the rationale behind there being no presentation for Metroid Prime 4 or another core Pokemon names in E3 2018 was the company planned on keeping their focus down to titles coming between now and early 2019, as people titles specifically are “likely a bit further out. ”

Trinen added in his statement to IGN which “we would like to reveal things once we believe it’s prepared to reveal,” and despite names like the previously-mentioned just two not making an appearance at E3 2018, he affirmed the games “have been worked . ”

This time around, Trinen reported that Nintendo needed to shift its focus towards Super Smash Bros.. Ultimate and Pokemon: Let’s Go Pikachu! /Permit ’s Go Eevee! , that obviously appear to be the titles that Nintendo will be driving its holiday push behind.

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