Pixelopus’ Concrete Genie didn’t look during Sony’s super-tight E3 2018 press conference, however, PlayStation’s smallest first-party team still has lots to display.

Today during the PlayStation Live coverage the group showcased plenty of gameplay, revealing how the player could decorate the fishing village of this game, then bring his artwork to life while escaping the bullies. Interestingly, when the bullies are around the dwelling art freezes because they lack the imagination to see it.

1 thing is for certain: despite the small size of this development team, Concrete Genie looks absolutely charming.

Youcan take a look at the video below.  If you wish to view more of the game, then you can take a look at a batch of brand new screenshotsthe first announcement trailer, along with some gameplay out of PlayStation Expertise .

The launch window is to be determined.

If you would like to see all the news coming from Sony Interactive Entertainment’s media conference, then you can check from the official movie recording.

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