About the off-chance you found yourself with a lack of Nintendo related information today, Nintendo has announced the forthcoming Octo Expansion to get Splatoon 2 is going to be published tomorrow. This fresh foray to the Splatoon 2 universe, that was formally announced during a Nintendo Direct back in March, boasts a total of new single-player missions.

While Nintendo did mention that the forthcoming Octo Expansion during today’s Nintendo Direct, it bore the previously known launch window of Summer 2018. It was only in the decision of today’s Splatoon 2 World Championship in which it was declared that the Octo Expansion is going to be published tomorrow.

Furthermore, the manufacturers of Splatoon 2 also pledged to support the game with new upgrades during December 2018. This means that players can continue to receive new weapons new phases, and updates for the rest of the year. This marks an additional six months of service to the game, as Nintendo previousy promised a year of upgrades when the game started last July.

As mentioned above, the growth will be available beginning tomorrow.

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