Following its display at E3 2018, Sucker Punch producer Brian Fleming shared with a few more pieces of information about Ghost of Tsushima to complement the fight and much more that we watched from the game on point.

Especially, Fleming detailed that the game will occur throughout the Mongol invasion of Japan at the year 1274, and that the game will be “an original story set in the world of feudal Japan. ”

The most important character’s name is Jin Sakai, who is “a powerful samurai warrior” which will embark upon an experience that “draws on Western history and the iconic customs of samurai cinema,” with Fleming mentioning the game’s story is going to be “a tale of sin, empowerment, and hope. ”

As far as exactly what the demo showed, Fleming stated that the demo was meant to provide “a glimpse into the world and narrative we are creating,” and that it designed to “catch some of the critical dreams we have to the game” involving its stunning setting of Tsushima Island and its own striking katana battle.

So far as the remainder of the cast moves, Jin is going to be accompanied by a different character named Masako, who’s “a mortal onna-bugeisha” (a female samurai). Their companionship is drawn with their own desire to save their homeland in the Mongol invaders, although Fleming addressed that “Masako’s tragic personal background pushes a wedge in her relationship with Jin. ”

Ultimately, Fleming stated that Masako’s narrative is only one of “many side quests and characters which form the fabric of Ghost of Tsushima,” and that the E3 2018 demonstration itself just showed “a side experience from the game’s chief route ” that is part of her narrative.

Aside from the characters, Fleming also pointed to an interesting section of the demo through the use of crimson leaves, as seen in the duel between Jin and Masako. Specifically, Fleming said that “the crimson leaves are a metaphor with this narrative in Ghost of Tsushima,” and also for the game’s evolution, comparing them to “ideas swirling” that were “overwhelming” and “beautiful and exciting” in the exact identical moment.

Aside from their metaphorical meaning, Fleming stated that “that only red foliage Jin picks up at the start of the narrative has been a touchstone for its creation of the story,” and that the leaf symbolizes the several thoughts and concepts that the team has chosen on with what looks like a magnificent title coming into the PS4’s library.

Ghost of Tsushima is currently in development for PS4, however no launch window for your title has been confirmed just yet.

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