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The most recent issue of Weekly Famitsu included an spread on Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown, also it’s been quite a time since we learned about the game in an official capacity. Luckily, we all re done waiting.

First of all, we get the debut of three new planes, the Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II, the Fairchild Republic A-10 Thunderbolt II for a few wholesome ground-pounding, and the Dassault Rafale M carrier-based fighter.

We get to see more about the way nature may also pose a hazard through gameplay. Your plane can be hit by lightning, and that will disturb your HUD and your fire control system.

We also see once again as water droplets can sort around the canopy when flying into the oceans. If you keep doing this for a while, you’ll get icing, which doesn’t only interfere with visibility, but it also negatively affects your aerodynamic operation.

The sky isn’t a danger, as it’s beautiful. The game’s technician makes the shade of the light switch dynamically depending on the relative location between the aircraft and the sun.

Advanced post-stall maneuvers will also be possible, and the screenshots showcase a Kublit (a super-tight loop implemented while in a stall condition, without a busy elevator ). It’s potential to execute dual Kublits and in concept even triple ones.

We know that the Arsenal Bird will make a comeback, and it has the capacity to produce a peculiar circle of light about it. Producer Kazutoki Kono stays tight-lipped on which is, and just encouraged fans to wait for additional info. There are just two Arsenal Bird this time. One is called “Liberty” and the other is named “Justice. ” The first is a prototype, while the second is the latest version. We saw Liberty from the latest trailer.

We hear in Producer Kazutoki Kono that for the previous eight months that the team was focusing on improving the quality of the game, and now it’s much better than it was. Friday we’ll see a trailer which will convey the problem of evolution into the fans that have been waiting. Incidentally, it won’t just show actual aircraftbut also fictional ones.

The game is set in 2019, on the outbreak of the Second Continental War. Due to an incident, he’s put in a penal squadron based at a disciplinary centre. He’s originally not handled as a fanatic, and he has to challenge assignments with hopeless odds. Players are going to be able to enjoy the sense of achievement as they conquer this challenge and expertise turning into a hero slowly during the story.

You can check out the screenshots below, but remember that they’re from magazins scans, so the quality is not perfect.

If you would like to view more of this game, it is possible to also watch the most recent trailer showing that the PlayStation VR attribute , and enjoy a movie of me enjoying with a demo of this game, alongside more trailers and screenshots. If you wish to see much better flying, it’s possible to also see Producer Kazutoki Kono himself perform another assignment , read my very own hands-on preview of the game, and our recent meeting with Kono-san.

An real release date must come shortly .

Update: the original article said that the trailer will come tomorrow. Apologies for the error. I’m just so exhausted due to the E3 workload that I thought tomorrow was Friday.

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