PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One

With the recent release of the game on Nintendo SwitchFortnite has lasted to go to a global phenomenon, and if the new player count revealed by Epic Games is any indication, it’s only going to continue to increase in the coming months also (possibly ) years.

In a blog post, programmer Epic Games has revealed that Fortnite has amassed a playerbase of over 125 million players across all its programs, which attracts it an absolutely gargantuan community involving its different iterations on consoles, mobile, and PC.

Alongside that, Epic Games additionally shared more information about the game’s forthcoming competitive season for this year and next, together with Epic saying that it will be supporting “community arranged events, online events, and important organized competitions all over the world,” and additional which “anyone take part, and anyone can win. ”

Epic said that qualifiers for your Fortnite World Cup will begin starting this autumn, and the very first Fortnite World Cup is officially set to start sometime in late 2019. Overall, Epic Games will soon be leading to a $100 million prize pool that will be split “between most occasions at different levels of competition across the world,” and added that the competition itself will be based around Solos and Duos, although there will also be opportunities for Squads to compete also.

More specific details about the competitions will be announced in a later time regarding rules, code of behavior, platforms, and the schedule for Fall 2018’s qualifiers from Epic Games.

Fortnite is available now on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, Mac, iOS, and will probably be coming to Android after this summer.

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