The game is currently in development just for PS4 and will start in Japan on October 11th. Development is already 70% complete.

The game is being created by the cream of the Compile Heart team, and because this is a Compile Heart game, I’m certain you understand what to expect by now. However I’ll go right on and tell you anyway. It s all about waifus.

The story is rather interesting: In the game’s world witches living in the forests have been hunted as the cause of the occurrence of dragons. The protagonist Zephy belongs to a sequence of knights hunting witches. During a mission, he even ’s mortally injured by a enormous dragon. As a result of that Zephy is hauled in a intricate web of plots between the government, the orthodox knights he belongs to, the rogue organization “Evil Raven” along with also the witches themselves.

Besides Zephy and Minessa we also get to see more witches, Karikaro, Laponetto, and Charlotta. We see battles against giant dragons, like some coming out of Nihon Falcom games as part of a cooperation crossover.

You are able to check out all of the screenshots below, keeping in mind that we’re looking at magazine scans, so the quality isn’t perfect.

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