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Even though the gameplay will probably be super comfortable to series fans, it will introduce a brand-new course — that the Grenadier — that has the capacity to change the common plans that Valkyria Chronicles fans might have gotten accustomed since the series began.

Throughout E3 2018, I had the chance to go hands on with a few of the earliest chapters in Valkyria Chronicles 4, which introduces the Grenadier. I could already tell from that chapter that the Grenadier will probably be one of my new favorite classes due to the exciting new strategic opportunities it offers.

VAlkyria Chronicles 4

As the title suggeststhis level has Commander Claude Wallace and also Squad E taking back a castle from royal soldiers. The map has been T-shaped, with enemies lined up on the walls enclosing my troops and in the other end; debris also blocked the main pathway, therefore Claude’s tank couldn’t undergo.

Starting off at the mission, it seemed like things could proceed very, very poorly for Squad E. While my tank along with other units were able to take some of the enemies on the ground, the enemies utilizing turrets on the walls were difficult to shoot down.  Then, when I needed it , a Grenadier called Riley Miller ended up shifting the tide of this battle.

Valkyria Chronicles 4 is a Return to Form with a New Layer of Strategic Depth

In the last game, she’ll prove to be a former friend of Claude’so who comes back to assist her long lost buddy. She wields a miniaturized grenade launcher, which packs considerably more power than the typical soldier. This grenade launcher requires time to carry around and set up, but has plenty of power and remarkable selection.

With this, I was easily able to aim up in the walls, taking down these enemies which were normally difficult to aim at. This enabled me to modify my strategy, as I can take out (normally) annoying enemies from afar, or at least deal enough damage for my other components to swoop in and find the kill. Additionally, I knew she’d likewise have the ability to supply catastrophic support fire  during enemy endings, which immediately swayed the struggle in my favor.

While I just had exposure into the Grenadier unit within this degree, I could tell it is a game changer. It will be quite useful to have this type of firepower from an array that not many other units may pull off. Riley also seems like an extremely interesting character, although I didn’t really get sufficient time in this degree to get to know her, I’m ’m excited about seeing her evolution.

Although the Grenadier is poised to bring a completely new level of approach into Valkyria Chronicles 4, I was pleased to find that the game still plays similarly to the first.

The game did feel great on a controller during my presentation, although it did run into a sensitivity issues as it came to aiming on the build I played. While I could quickly switch from planning at a single enemy to the other, exact prep was finicky, making it sometimes tough to find the exact shot I needed. Hopefully this has tweaked a little more before launch, because the gameplay of Valkyria Chronicles 4 is on par with all the first games.

Valkyria Chronicles 4 is a Return to Form with a New Layer of Strategic Depth

I was very nervous when I played Valkyria Chronicles 4 as a result of my lofty expectations because of its name. Luckily, the game delivered, as the amount I played was equally as entertaining as many levels from the initial Valkyria Chronicles. On top of this, the new Grenadier course should open up some interesting tactics, particularly when missions get more hectic and the amount of enemies increases.

While the controls may need to be tweaked a bit before launching, the game differently plays like an improved version of the first title, which I don’t see as a terrible thing. These new characters seem interesting, so I’m excited about spending a great deal more time together and watching this war from a different angle than ever before.

Valkyria Chronicles 4 is currently available in Japan, though the game will probably be heading west in fall 2018 for PS4, Xbox One, Switch, along with PC.

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