Last week, Klei Entertainment article a cunning short video for its newest update to Oxygen Not Included known as the Cosmic Update. It will bring quite a few new features and spots to this indie game.

In this update, the miner duplicates have busted through the crust of the asteroid to reveal space itself. A few of the new features available include:

  • Solar Light: The energy of a local star can be harnessed for power by Solar Panels.
  • Meteor Showers: While complimentary tools can be discovered in those meteor showers, they’re traveling at 16 km per second, so players will need to track the meteor showers with the new Meteor Detector and protect their surface infrastructure together with meteor-proof walls and walls. Back walls provide protection against distance.

Additionally, there are a couple of critter additions also. They comprise:

  • Upgraded Egg Economy: Eggs have gone through several changes like becoming unviable when abandoned in storage for a long time.
  • Upgraded Critter Artwork: Finished eggs and infants artwork.

Other modifications include powered doors actually being powered, a electricity manufacturing rebalance, performance enhancements, and other bug fixes.

Oxygen Not Included and its own Cosmic Upgrade is currently available in Historical accessibility on Steam such as PC, Mac, and Linux. It’s also on sale until June 21st to get 20 percent off.  You can have a look at the short video for its newest update below.

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