The Gran Turismo SportChampionships are open for anyone to participate in and the online year lasts from June till September. More information are found on the site, but when players wish to take part in the internet season they can do this by visiting the Sport Mode on Gran Turismo Sport.

The last match-ups for the Gran Turismo Sport Championships will be hosted in a variety of areas around the planet and is streamed live. Yamauchi-san says it will be just like their first ever live event exhibition a month. Even the Gran Turismo Sport World Tour at the Nürburgring that observed thirty Gran Turismo gamers from eleven countries race against one another.

A fresh new Star Player program has been introduced that will come across players that qualify and in the top 200 season point positions –the best ten of the country or selected manufacturer– will have the ability to register for your Star Player name. People who do receive the Star Player name will locate their in-game motorist rating is going to be displayed as an “S”. They’ll also Have the Ability to take part in the Best 24 Superstar Races to earn bonus points, so here’s a snippet from the site:

“In some rounds during the Online Race seasons, there will be a ‘Best 24 Superstars’ round where just the top players will be matched together in the race. Bonus points are awarded in this race, so permitting players to acquire more things than in a normal race. ”

For the ones that wish to see the occasion can download the Gran Turismo Sport Companion app to get iOS or even Android and watch new stickers, stats for their favorite racers, highlights, and more.

Gran Turismo Sport gained over one-million players to its beta last year, and if it launched it dominated the UK sales charts and PS4 electronic download sales graph in Japan.

Gran Turismo Sport Championships Season One has begun and Season Two will start in July. August and September will see the last seasons of the online season. November will see the World Final happen.

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