Ever since the game’s release in April, programmer 11 bit Studios was working on new content updates for their town survival and management game Frostpunk. Nowadays, the game’s 1.1.0 upgrade published, and its provides a Survivor Mode.

The very first radical change this manner introduces is that the elimination of an energetic pause. The only means to stop Frostpunk from Survivor manner is by simply opening a menu. Furthermore, the game only saves if the player exits out of the game, which provides even more weight to every decision.

In general, this mode is even harder than to the Hard problem, so players will need to work hard to be able to keep both their citizens and town ’s economy in check. To trigger Survivor Mode, players just have to toggle a switch at the personalization menu after beating hard manner.

Although this mode could be too tough for many, it must definitely delight the game’s hardcore neighborhood, and is only the first major upgrade in a very long 2018 articles roadmap.

You may take a look at a new video where the game’s programmers go over this new manner. Frostpunk is currently available for PC, however 11 little Studios is now  attracting the game to various platforms.

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