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Square Enix is likely aware that a whole lot of individuals who would like to play Kingdom Hearts III may be having difficulties making sense of the whole story of the saga, particularly considering the many decimals.

To be able to aid with this, today they published a series of five videos recapping the story to get us. Unfortunately, at least nowthey’re only in Japanese, however they’re definitely well made.

We get the Chapter of Departures, the Chapter of Memories, the Chapter of Twilight, the Chapter of Dawn, and the Chapter of Darkness. Each chapter is narrated as an animated publication, and honestly I truly hope that we get an English version.

It is possible to check them all out below.  If you want to view more, you also can take a look at the first trailer we watched a few days back at the Xbox press briefing, the one shown at the Square Enix display , and the last one from Sony Interactive Entertainment’s press conference. It is also possible to like the latest gallery of screenshots and some amazing gameplay.

The game will launch in the west January 29th, 2019, and in Japan just a couple of days earlier on January 25th for PS4 and Xbox One. In the event you didn’t pre-order your copy of the game just yet, you are able to do so on Amazon.

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