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By now it’s a renowned fact that I’m poor at multiplayer shooters. Of course, this extends into Battlefield V‘s closed alpha that has just been made available.

So as to compensate somewhat for my dreadful planning, situational awareness, and reflexes, I set myself behind a scope so as to pick on unsuspecting enemies, and thankfully Battlefield V‘s Grand Operations style, with its expansive maps and higher player count, supplies quite some of these.

Of course, I really forgot to record the round in which I didn’t perform as badly (but it’s still possible to observe the results screen at the start, therefore it does happen randomly ), but that just means that you can see the match that will make you laugh and point more at these noobish errors. Feel free to do so in the comments. I’m painfully utilized for it.

That having been said, the game is already a lot of fun despite how it’s just a closed alpha. Sniping feels nice and gratifying, and spotting enemy snipers (and being spotted in turn) is somewhat simpler than at Battlefield 1, due to a more visible scope glint.

The orgy of destruction all over the map really makes things feel hectic, even when you’re inclined tens of thousands of meters away from the action and looking at matters through a scope. The snowy environment makes things a bit more difficult to see, and it is a boon and a curse for this blind chicken.

However, without further ado, you can take a look at the gameplay beneath (in case you’re wondering, the alpha is around PC). Do keep in mind that this is a alpha test, so many things will be improved and fixed prior to the game’s release October 19th for Xbox One, PS4, and PC. You can pre-order it around Amazon.

You might even have a look at Senior Producer Lars Gustavsson’s insight about the Battle Royale style , and why DICE chose to stick with the single-player effort .

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