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Hollow Knight proved to be a surprise release that launched a few weeks back on the Nintendo Switch without notice. In light of a brand earnings numbers, clearly, that abrupt release didn’t damage the game in any way.

Talking to IGN, developer Team Cherry shown that the Switch version of Hollow Knight was doing amazingly well from their gate and has already eclipsed a quarter of a million units offered. While that may not seem like a lot in comparison to that of a triple-A launch, for a name that has been equally developed and self-published with a relatively small team, those are some impressive numbers only a little more than two weeks after launch.

While there’s ’s no ETA on just if this new patch will be pushed outside, you’d ever need to imagine it’ll be within the coming days or months.

With this type of succeeding on Switch alone, it begs the question of whether or not Hollow Knight will gradually make its way to another consoles — PS4 and Xbox One. Even though Team Cherry has said something that would suggest their launch on these platforms just yet, when the Switch version continues to sell at that rate then it may be a move which could cause them to make.

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