PS4, Switch

Now Koei Tecmo and Gust Published a brand new batch of screenshots of Nelke and the Legendary Alchemists: Atelier of the New Land. 

The showcase a few characters and many returning ones s Misty Erlut, maid along with childhood friend.

The inescapable fairy (simply called Fairy) conveys a strong similarity with Popote out of Atelier Elkrone: Dear for Otomate.

For many characters, we have some art.

The game is currently in development for PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PS Vita, and will release in Japan. No western launch was declared for the moment, however Gust games get localized almost all of the time, so I wouldn’t be surprised when we hear something about it around Tokyo Game Show in September.

You can take a look at the gallery below, and the prior batch of screenshots.

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