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On Thursday, the Elite Dangerous: Beyond – Chapter Two upgrade was started, and Frontier Developments shared with a preview on YouTube to declare its release.

With this most recent update, the Krait MKII, a reimagining of this Krait Lightspeeder, is now accessible as seen in a tweet from Elite Dangerous’ Twitter.

The Krait MKII is a medium-sized, multi-role boat that trades defensibility for pace, fire-power, and maneuverability. It is capable of transporting out a fighter bay, can match two crew members, and even offers a coffee maker. The Alliance Challenger is also accessible with the upgrade. It is another multifunctional boat depending on the Alliance Chieftain that keeps its characteristic agility but comes with stronger armor.

As the game’s chapters coincide with its development, Chapter Two’s update is very lengthy. Players will acquire new missions which will direct them to high threat USS’s in addition to brand new wing mining assignments. The whole update can be located under the trailer.

You may take a look at the preview for Elite Dangerous: Beyond – Chapter Two below. The upgrade is now available for free for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Chapters Three and Four will be published sometime later this year.

Megaship and Installation Interactions

  • Added existing mega-ship connections to installations
  • Additional Escape Hatch interaction factors to busted mega-ships

Crime and Punishment

  • Players can now hand themselves in to security contacts if they have exceptional bounties and a zero notoriety score. Players who hand themselves in will pay off the faculty and be deported to the nearest detention centre
  • Relaxed the fire thresholds against NPC boats, to Decrease the number of incorrect crimes being handed out
  • Notoriety now decays whilst the player is docked
  • Players current notoriety amount exhibited in the cockpit will no more be possibly from date
  • Relaxed the principles for Multicrew gunners so They are less susceptible to unintentional assault/reckless weapon discharge crimes
Horizons-only Posts


  • New weapons currently available at applicable Tech Brokers:
  • Large Plasma Shock Cannon (Fixed, Gimbal, Turret)
  • Enormous Guardian Shard Cannon (Fixed, Turret)
  • Enormous Guardian Plasma Launcher (Fixed, Turret)


  • The Guardian FSD booster is once again available in the Guardian Tech Broker, now with enhanced fuel efficiency


  • New planetary sites added, with sound logs


  • Fixed some missing effects on Guardian Artifacts


  • Frozen sound cutting out in supercruise close neutron stars
  • Fixed warfare assignments erroneously offering influence advantages (influence in a war country has no real impact )
  • Ensure that faction effects would be exactly the same from selling exploration data for webpages as well as individual star systems, and balance the ones faction effects to have about the Identical galactic impact as before this release
  • Prevented Flight Assist from mechanically re-enabling after departing Supercruise


  • Fixed a problem with disappearing text in the Engineers Cost help window

General Fixes & Tweaks

  • Several performance optimizations to get hangars
  • Resolved some minor typos
  • Fixed a few cut text in material descriptions
  • Neighborhood news leading 5 bounty record should ignore breaking characters from ship names
  • Fixed situations where ‘Last Principal sequence star’ information message can seem incorrectly
  • General firmness fix for erroneously replicated information between players
  • Fixed an issue that prevented players by rescue their avatar using the Frontier Expo suit equipped


  • Implemented a maximum scanning period multiplier to prevent overly long scans on large ol’ Ships and Installations
  • Fixed an undercover destructible panel at a Guardian Structure


  • Removed the timed element from assassination missions, so that targets are no longer confined to spawning within a time window. Players may scan the systems local nav beacon to obtain the target’s place.
  • Fixed Mentor missions revealing incorrect reward choice upon conclusion
  • Raised pay-out rate for Elite Rank Mining Missions
  • Updated Salvage paths so that factions Can’t be replicated as both trainee and target
  • Updated the assignment timer for Massacre Thargoid Wing Missions therefore that it matches the non-Wing variant of this mission
  • Repair wing mission rewards from trade assignments to award commerce rank to multi-level crew members as well as the helm
  • Colonia factions have started devoting assignment tip-offs for the region


  • Ramming a protector sentinel will no more give you a bounty


  • Fixed long description texts such as experimental modules not appearing properly beneath the “Read More” part in Outfitting

PlayStation 4

  • Fixed an issue that could occur when enjoying the battle tutorial Whilst desktop installment is in advance
  • Fix for a problem where the”Place Your Fighters Up” Trophy wasn’t being granted when fighter ships were launched out of your ship via an AI pilot


  • Fixed Powerplay offenses erroneously affecting notoriety
  • Fixed cases of Collector Limpets clipping through the top of Many ships when returning freight
  • Fixed some visual problems with short Ship IDs

Alliance Chieftain

  • Addressed a specular highlight at the canopy that could flicker in some lighting requirements
  • Fixed a small gap in geometry
  • Fixed some clipping hardpoints 1 and 2
  • Shrank that the Shipyard schematic icon marginally to prevent cutting
  • Realigned nameplates
  • Fixed some clipping on the Ship Kit


  • Fixed scratches being present on Ship Kit parts when there is no ship wear and tear
  • The number of internal windows now correctly matches the Amount of outside ones
  • Fixed an instance of Paint Jobs not rendering over a heating vent door
  • Smoothed out some overhead wires in the cockpit
  • Adjusted some inner module target places
  • Fixed emissive decals on the Anaconda shedding detail if the Fusion Paint Job is implemented
  • Fixed a 2D Cannon alignment issue
  • Added Ship Kit cameras for outfitting


  • Fixed a texture issue with the Prestige paint job
  • Fixed some reflective places on the Icarus and Prestige paint jobs
  • Lowered glossiness on Precision Paint Jobs
  • Fixed some missing textures on Paint Jobs


  • Fixed a visual issue that could happen with your commander when colliding in an SRV

Form 9 Heavy

  • Fixed a missing thruster texture
  • Fixed some feel and design position problems

Type 10 Defender

  • Fixed some clipping on certain Ship Kit parts
  • Fixed some feel and model position issues


  • Fixed misaligned Little lights
  • Left a crash to desktop that could occur when launching the galaxy map Right after the game had loaded at a channel
  • left a host error that could occur when trying to employ an experimental effect to a module which was originally altered by another Engineer
  • Fixed a crash that could happen when using Collector Limpets

User Interface

  • Fixed a problem from the Systems panel which prevented the module wellness from updating correctly after repairing a module with an AFMU
  • Fixed legal lien erroneously revealing as a reduction when sold

Weapons & Modules

  • The heatsink launcher no longer has an incomprehensible DPS statistic
  • Human and Guardian Tech Broker blueprint requirements have been decreased


  • Reduced the discrepancy in leap times between Helm and crew members

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