PC, PS4, Xbox One

The game has been previously declared annually by Aspyr Media and Digital Curve.

For anyone who hasn’t heard about it yet, Next Up Hero is a dungeon crawler which has hand-drawn personalities that hack and slash their way throughout Ventures to fight back against evil monsters known as the Ceaseless Dirge. The game is really tough, and if players die, they really die. But , an “echo” of their former selves will probably stay for another player to grow. As much as twenty AI followers can be increased.

There’s also an option to craft dungeons and players can challenge the area to try to conquer it.  If they do, they get to keep a rare piece of loot, however should they fail then the treasure belongs to the dungeon’s founder.

It’s possible to try out Next Up Hero at no cost on PC this weekend by heading to Steam, also you can download some skins from several other Valve games to fight back from the Ceaseless Dirge while you’re there.

The game can be available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One if consoles are your thing.

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