Rune’s Project Director Chris Rhinehart agrees, stating that “it’s ’s great that folks are getting exposed to more materialistic mythology, whether that’s via a game like God of War or some movie such as Thor: Ragnarok. ” There’so a great deal of neat lore to pull from in this setting, and Human Head Studios is hoping to show their take on it with their forthcoming name Rune.

Last year at E3, I managed to test out Rune’s multiplayer style with Chris Rhinehart, that walked me through the ins-and-outs of the open-world RPG I have had my eye on since it was declared last year.  I had a ton of fun with this name, which will stand out by providing players the freedom to mess up together in an expansive open globe.

Even though Rune does require any inspiration from the first, specifically in combat, the name is its own beast, as players should “enjoy this too if they’re a fan of brutal third-person melee action battle and Norse mythology. ” Combat is relatively straightforward, though there are a great deal of weapons for players to select from and strikes may be used through distinct directional inputs.

Before any of this however, players must pick a character and align with a god. Thus far, Loki, Odin, Freya, Thor, and Hel will be the five gods players may align with to get exceptional quests and abilities. During this demo, I aligned myself with Hel and then hopped to the game’s universe with another developer. The planet looked grand and vast, with various islands to allow players to explore.

Rune is Looking to Offer a Unique Take on Multiplayer Games and Norse Mythology

I set off on a pursuit by a developer to kill several enemies and ended up finding a gigantic flaming sword. There are a ton of diverse weapons, along with the programmers are inviting players to locate their own playstyles, since they “want players to be able to express themselves using all the different weapons. ” While perhaps not overly off-kilter from normal action-RPG, combat in Rune can be quite tough and will punish poor timing or mindless button mashing. 

Eventually, an enemy dropped a Giant Rune, which enabled me to change into a menacing giant. Next, I wandered round the islanddestroying everything in my path. This is something the developers hadn’t tried however, and while it worked, the result was quite funny.

Rune is Looking to Offer a Unique Take on Multiplayer Games and Norse Mythology

Even though Rune will comprise a lot of depth at launch, like most multiplayer games, the many interesting will likely be needed by messing around with others and extending exactly what the game is able to do to its limitations. Rune’s open universe lends itself well to that, so I’m certain the game will come across a dedicated audience that will love it.

While I played Rune in multiplayer, the entirety of the game could be played single player. In accordance with Chris Rhinehart, the “story is being told during the interactions with your own god. It is a very personal adventure,” so those searching for some more traditional single player actions should also find something to enjoy in Rune.

Those who decide to play together will have a slightly different experience based upon the gods they align with, but may nevertheless possess their quests “dynamically merge” along with other players, which should make multiplayer quests feel much more seamless.

Rune is Looking to Offer a Unique Take on Multiplayer Games and Norse Mythology

While Rune has been poised to become much different than its predecessor, I’m convinced in its new leadership this game is heading in. While something like God of War looks to give an intense and psychological single-player encounter, Rune appears like it will provide a somewhat lighter experience with an emphasis on multiplayer which lovers of Norse mythology and the series will be satisfied by.

Rune will strike Steam Early Access later this year. Chris Rhinehart verified that the Early Access build of the game will be fairly feature-full, stating “There is going to be the available world, there’s a lot of quests in the game, a ton of loot throughout the game, along with PvP and PvE multiplayer. There will be more PvP and PvE servers, however you can play in single player also. ”  That said, I will ’t wait to determine Rune evolves and changes during that time, as this notion has a great deal of potential and room to rise. 

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