Now Cloud Imperium Games introduced the alpha 3.2 version of Star Citizen into the backer community, bringing a few new goodies to the game as a portion of the regular quarterly updates that the group has been delivering beginning this year.

One of the greatest updates coming with the new alpha version is mining gameplay, that will make it possible for players to prospect and scan deposits, fracture the stone with their mining lasers (through minigame that requires them to control the energy levels)and extract the ore, and then promote it.

The new set system will also be implemented together with the capacity of quantum journey as a party.

A ruin stunt ” mission type was added, along with quite a few new boats. Players will have the ability to fly the Anvil Hurricane, the Aopoa Blade, the Aegis Eclipse, along with the Origin 600i. All boats have operational scanners with capabilities.

New weapons and armor such as FPS gameplay have also been released, and a ton of features are updated, tweaked, and mended. You will discover the complete patch notes here.

Yesterday, Project Director Chris Roberts himself also confirmed in an event of Reverse the Verse Live (which you can watch at the bottom of the article, for a pretty candid discussion on the condition of development), that the single-player effort Squadron 42 won’t come in 2018. While this won’t surprise several, it’s good to have official verification.

Below you may even watch a few trailers for the new ships. If you wish to see more, you can check out the past upgrade on Squadron 42. You might also read our recent interview with International Head of Development and Foundry 42 Studio Director Erin Roberts.

For the interest of full disclosure, then remember that the author of the report is just one of the backers of this game because the times of the original Kickstarter effort.

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