Today Cygames published a brand-new commercial of its powerful cellphone JRPG Granblue Fantasy.

The business features one of their most anticipated yearly events for mobile games using a significant focus on waifus (which Granblue certainly has), which is the summer event.

The summer side story is arriving in July, and it will be of course filled with cherry shots and tropical surroundings.

Another new attribute is EX POSE, that really means “extra attribute,” even though I’m pretty positive the play on words is entirely intentional. Basically, a whole lot of personalities will find an additional example which will be unlocked at par 70 for SR personalities, and at level 80 to get SSR ones. It is possible to see a few examples for a the bikini versions of Katalina, Io, and De La Fille.

Granblue Fantasy recently celebrated achieving 21 million players. Though the game is formally available exclusively in Japan such as iOS, Android, and PC via browsers, You can read how to set it and perform in English in hour handy manual .

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