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In an interview with GameSpot, the game’s Executive Producer Joe Neate, Senior Designer Shelley Preston, and Design Director Mike Chapman discussed its own growth since launch and their response to a number of the critiques the game has obtained and how they are going to fit into future updates.

The developers highlight how badly they’ve taken everything that lovers have stated concerning the game. One item they had to change their stance on was including AI boats in Sea of Thieves. They had been really against them since they wanted every encounter in the game to become emergent. But, based on Neate, today such as the AI ships will be a positive factor as he states,

It’s ’s also a thing where we can invite players to team up, almost to create alliances with one another and then go and take down those pesky sword ships on the planet.

The programmers go on to describe They don’t Only Want to respond to the opinions of lovers but also place their own twist on things since Chapman describes,

It’s a mix of giving players what they need, putting which Sea of Thieves spin onto it, but also sudden them.

He proceeds to give the example of not only expanding areas for exploration according to players’ asks, but to go so much as producing entirely geologically unstable areas with volcanoes to get a more challenging and rewarding experience.

Through all of this, the programmers are extremely pleased with the game that they have established and the level of community that has formed between players. Neate says,

It wasn’t for everybody rather than everybody resonated with a few of the decisions we left, but we did that so that we could bring multiplayer to a new audience. A brand new experience and create this fun, welcoming game that broke down barriers.

Sea of Thieves is currently available for PC and Xbox One. You may go over here to test out DualShockers’ overview of the game.

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