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The unique adventure game Pool Panic from indie developer Rekim got a new gameplay trailer. The trailer starts with the Pool section of the game. It’s fairly simple. You aim and shoot, because it’s replicated multiple times. Sounds simple enough, but it breaks down into the Panic.

In addition to shooting and preparing your cue ball, you’ll be able to research a delightfully bizarre world filled with curiosities to discover. The movie provides a very quick rundown of what can be expected.  You’ll confront Russian infantry, swamp beasts, zombies, and more since you make your way through this vibrant planet to solve puzzles and fight bosses. There’s mention of a birthday candle hat, mouse holes, and the west to just provide you a flavor of the randomness you’ll encounter.

But don’t forget about the very essential part, aim and shoot.

Besides a significant singleplayer mode, Pool Panic may also have a focused neighborhood multiplayer pool style for up to four players.

You are able to have a look at the delightfully weird trailer under .

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