Today Japanese programmer Frontwing hosted a panel in anime expo, announcing the launch window of its own visual publication Island.

The game will start on Steam this summertime, along with the list should be available here. If you’re not knowledgeable about the name, you may read a formal description beneath.

“The narrative of ISLAND revolves around Sanzenkai Setsuna, a young man who awakens on the coast of Urashima without the memories of his past. As he examines the hidden secrets of Urashima’s past – and future – Setsuna should struggle against destiny to protect that which he treasures most. ”

The game is coming for PS4 in Japan only on June 28th and has already been released locally on PS Vita at 2017.

The Steam variant will probably have English subtitles and port, with Japanese audio.

For people who love things a bit spicier, Frontwing also announced that the mature visual novel Loca-Love will be released on steam, using a free 18+ spot available separately. Here are the particulars announced by the programmer:

Aoi Ichitaro was living in his own, before disaster strikes his apartment and that he ’s temporarily evicted.
But, his misfortune proves to be a blessing in disguise…

“Y-You’re… free to come back and stay at my location!! ” Kojika Hiwa – Ichitaro’s coworker in his part time occupation – appears to have assembled all her courage to invite him . Ichitaro, who had taken a liking toward her, and thankfully accepts, signaling the start of their new life together. Initially, things are awkward and embarrassing, but once both become aware of the mutual feelings, their life takes a turn for the sweet.

Sleeping, eating, going to school… every second of the day is pure bliss when spent along with the caring and homey Hiwa. Obviously, Ichitaro wishes thatthey could keep on living together eternally. There’s just 1 thing that he needs to do to make that happen…

The grownup dungeon-crawling visual book Lilitales is also coming in English, and it’ll be published on Steam, also with a free 18+ patch in tow. A release date is undecided but will probably be announced soon.  Here’s exactly what the game is about:

When Jill is kidnapped, Luna is framed for the offense, imprisoned, and even tortured.

Finally, there’s some news for fans of anime, as the anime adaptation of Grisaia: Phantom Trigger will probably be localized in English, with the first two episodes broadcasting after this year, also Blu-Ray sets on Kickstarter.

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