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Even the Bioshock games also have achieved something interesting where they not simply combine fantastic gameplay and story, but they really do everything within some genuinely intriguing worlds. Regrettably, Bioshock: Infinite premiered in 2013, and since then I’Id had this want to get a game set in mysterious and detailed worlds, although it looked like curiosity in those kinds of games died off. That is, before We Happy Few, that gave me a significant Bioshock vibes, much to my enthusiasm.

That reason alone is what got me interested in the game a couple of years ago when it was initially announced, but in the time it was an Xbox One console exclusive, that is a method I currently don’t own. That changed last year, however, with the reveal it would be coming into PlayStation 4, along with my enthusiasm quickly skyrocketed up.

We Happy Few Scratches My Bioshock Itch... Even With Major Differences

For the ones that don’t understand, We Happy Few occurs within another 1960’s London, where most of society was invited to take a drug named Joy, which basically causes them to fall to a constant state of euphoria and, then, become curable. In the game, you play three unique characters, each with their very own connected narrative, but for the context of my presentation I just got to play as Arthur Hastings, the original character in the game’s accessibility release in 2016. Additionally, while the complete game is going to be a combination between an open universe along with linear sections, I, naturally, only got to find a linear slice of this game.

As anticipated, if there is 1 word to describe that the area of We Happy Few, it might need to be “creepy. ” The part I was dropped in hardly had anyone in site after I moved to my goal and circled back, I could have sworn I saw something which has been out of place, but that I wasn’t entirely sure. You never truly know who or what you will or won’t encounter during your time on the planet. In addition to that, even the story that the world subtly tells is well done. I walked into an abandoned home as I did, creepy songs began playing. As I looked in the walls, I discovered writing and drawings and as I walked up the stairs into the audio, and subsequently, the stress, built.

We Happy Few Scratches My Bioshock Itch... Even With Major Differences

Throughout your time, you’ll need to explore to find materials around the Earth, and while a few may be utilized on their own, others cannot and might need to be combined with different objects to bring them into their whole potential. By way of example, your normal suit gives you a crisp, refreshing, and crisp look, which is fine until you go into a place which doesn’t take kindly to the “higher-ups” inside the neighborhood. If you combine a rock with a lawsuit in-game, then you ’ll receive a ripped suit to match with the natives. While it’s perhaps not the best example of combining materials, I can’t wait to see what other imaginative mixtures Compulsion Games comes up with.

In conclusion, We Happy Few was a title I was excited to try and was even more enthusiastic coming out of, but that’s not to mention I don’t have my worries. I really do wonder how easily each personality ’s stories will weave with every other since I didn’t get a chance to try the other characters. That being said, We Happy Few is one of the most anticipated games of this year, and I hope I end up loving it if it comes out next month.

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