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It seems nearly all gamers have a love-hate relationship with harm numbers on-screen. Though there’s a different subsection that praises the arcade-y texture that these bring about games at the Xenoblade or Borderlands franchises, there is also a tendency of onscreen minimalism and immersion which penetrates fanbases. Luckily, EA is seeking to appeal to both these audiences with “harm floaties” customization within their forthcoming shared-world shot, Anthem.

Allow ’s start off with all the fundamentals: what are harm floaties? Seen in the visuals below, floaties will be the aptly-titled floating hurt indicators in yellow when you damage an enemy:

This attribute isn’t something which we personally found visually offensive within our trailer of this game, but there is an increasing demand for customization options. Happily, as mentioned above, Electronics (constantly seeking to stay abreast of great PR at 2018) has responded to these issues, letting players know that opacity, size, and even the existence of this attribute can be turned off.

Taking it a step further, BioWare’s Executive Producer Mark Darrah gave a little more insight to how this actually looks in Anthem. Seen in the Tweet under, we actually catch a glimpse of these customization options within the menu:

All in allthis is great for a visual standpoint and a trendy note when it comes to gameplay. However, there’s still so much we would like to understand about Anthem prior to making the plunge to it — like what precisely the story is going to seem like. Aside from these questions, EA has surfaced a lot of interesting news lately for the space-shooting game, for example 20 minutes of gameplay footage along with neat cosplay building videos.

Anthem will launch on PC, PS4, and Xbox One on February 22, 2019; so for anybody seeking to pick up the Legion of Dawn Edition (packed in armor and weapon packs, a Javelin gear attachment, and the digital soundtrack), the package can be obtained currently on Amazon.

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