Aptly named developer Creaky Corpse released a brand new trailer and some screenshots for the online survival horror game Dead Frontier 2 due out later this summer in Early Access.

The trailer showcases a gameplay in the shadowy, ravaged world of the game, and the screenshots feature a few of the enemies which players will face as they fight for survival.

Dead Frontier 2 finds players trying to stay alive as one of the few that remain untouched by the zombie apocalypse while they scavenge for resources and equipment, encounter distressed lands, and settle scores in matches against other players at the streets. They will have the ability to create their very own unique personalities with an assortment of abilities, gear, and decorative items, and they’re able to either band together with other survivors or function as a lone wolf.

You can take a look at the trailer along with the screenshots below.  Dead Frontier 2 will be available in Early Access for PC on August 31st for free, and you’ll be able to go over to Steam to automatically add it to your wishlist now.

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