PC, Switch

Garage is currently available for PC and Mac on Steam, and writer tinyBuildGames shared a remarkably creepy Bad Trip launching trailer to declare its launch. It combines some unsettling pictures, like a pig slipping via a babydoll’s attention, with some bloody gameplay in the top shooter developed by Zombie Dynamics.

At Garage, players locate themselves like Butch, an ex-drug dealer who stands alone against hordes of the living dead because he tries to save a girl and resolve the puzzle of the critters that inhabit this gorefest motivated by VHS era B-movies.

The trailer features a number of those undead and winged enemies Butch faces as well as a number of the weapons he uses as he hunts for passage into the hidden underworld.  The preview shows off a number of those different elements of the game, such as survival and racing.

Garage was previously published for Nintendo Switch back in May, and It’s currently available for PC and Mac through Steam. You may take a look at the launch preview below.

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