MangaGamer simply hosted its conventional panel at Anime Expo in Los Angeles, with four shows including content both for those who are interested to chaste visual books, also for people who enjoy things a little more spicy.

Permit ’s start with the innocent, with the all-ages yuri visual book Lilycle Rainbow Stage!!!  By Particle, coming soon to the writer ’s own portal.

“Yuno loves Tamaki’s grin, and wishes to her watch her fantasies coming true…. Though never seen a lot of Tamaki lately, Yuno’s been feeling slightly down. She is determined by Saeka a great deal, and since the latter consistently covers her times of need, Yuno can feels as though she can chat about her problems with no care in the world.

Tamaki wishes with all her might that she will retain seeing over Yuno, who’s always been number one in her heart… however, the situation around her are shifting, little by little. It’s ’s not just 1 girl she must keep watch over now, in the end. Saeka has always been dependable and supportive, and Tamaki’s has begun to feel confused…

“Sigh… Looks like she always needs someone by her side also …”

Saeka still has a crush Yuno, but has been enraptured by Tamaki’s aura, and finds that she can’t leave her alone. Lately she’s been mulling over whether or not she needs to try and change the way she is…

As they chat, develop closer, become greedy, get embarrassed, and laugh…

The crisscrossing emotions of those 3 girls allow this hot yet slightly bitter narrative to unfold…”

You may have a look at the opening cutscene below.

The chaste portion of the announcements did not continue long, since we move to everybody ’s favored (and insufferable) pervy knight. We’re getting not one, but two Rance games from Alicesoft (without the launch windows disclosed for now).

“The oldest country to still exist on the Continent is that the militant Helmanian Empire. A country with a long history, and once the most powerful state in the planet, Helman has experienced years of decay under a corrupt program. A civil war, an invasion by a nearby power, or perhaps both could happen at any instant. Amidst fears of such turmoil by no small portion of the populace, a man who was once exiled from Helman increases to action.

Years prior, Prince Patton Misnarge fought to prove his worth by invading another country, but collapsed and disappeared from the public eye. Swearing to take back his country, Patton returned and trained a robust and admirable man. He sought to make use of the peerless champion he met on his journeys to both fight to revolutionize Helman. Yes, the secret to his strategy was to find the guidance of the strongest and most brutal warrior, Rance. ”

Take a look at a teaser under.

If that’s not enough Rance for you personally, we’re also obtaining Rance X – Showdown. 

The most powerful fiend, Kayblis, captured power on the Dragon Realm and directed a colossal army in an invasion of their Human Realm. Unable to quit quarreling among themselves, the human states were trampled.

Two weeks after the war began, the death toll for humankind touched approximately 12,000,000.

Yet mankind still couldn’t combine, and the chaos between the planet ’s leaders continued. Just as the demise of humankind, the worst case scenario, felt heavy on everyone’s thoughts …

“Everyone needs to just do the job for me. I’ll crush that Dragon Army no issue. ”

It was Ranceback from an experience with his companion, Sill.

There was an uproar among the world leaders:

The Kingdom of Leazas’s Queen, Lia Parapara Leazas.
The Republic of Helman’s President, Sheila Helman.
The world’s biggest faith, Alicism’s Pope, Crook Mofus.

…And they were also Rance’so girls, so they all agreed. Rance became humanity’s supreme leader, and also their final expectation.

Over 6000 years a minuscule creature named Kayblis fought and slaughtered his way to the very top of the Dragon Realm. A handsome guy named Rance, who admits all woman to be his own, lived a carefree life and found his way into the top of the Human Realm. Both guys place the survival of the entire race on the line in an inevitable battle to the death. ”

And here is the teaser to your perusal:

Finally, if you’research boys loving boys, MangaGamer announced Luckydog1 by Cartoon programmer Tennenouji.

“Everything starts with the slam of a prison door. Four captains in the exact same Mafia family, the CR:5, are removed at one fell swoop and left to rot behind bars.

Lucky for these, our hero’s already there.

Gian’s just a run-of-the-mill wiseguy, passing his time performing petty jobs for the family when he is on the outside and living the lazy life once he is in the slammer. However, those simple days come to a conclusion when he gets word from the supervisor : if he can break the captains outside, Gian will earn a place at the peak of the hierarchy.

Could he pull off a project this big, or can it be more than even Gian’s fabled excellent luck can manage? ”

You can enjoy the opening cutscene below.

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