Ubisoft has shared a brief interview giving players some details about the free-to-play fighting game Brawlhalla. In the video, Executive Producer Zeke Sparkes talks concerning global tournaments, the potential for bringing other Ubisoft characters to the game, and more.

In the video, Sparkes talks concerning the origins of the game and how effective it has been. In addition, he goes on to talk about their venture with DreamHack in producing six in-person tournaments this season around the globe which will culminate at a world championship in Atlanta. A glance in the game’s Twitter account proves they have retweeted some of those discounted costs on tickets that’ll be accessible until Monday for DreamHack Atlanta in November.

Sparkes also discusses how they keep adding more information and growing that the roster of this game, and since Ubisoft gained Blue Mammoth Games back in Marchhe mentions the possibility of incorporating different figures from Ubisoft to the game. This definitely seems like a huge possibility even though whoever he cites is bleeped out throughout the interview.

You may check out the full interview with Sparkes under . Brawlhalla is presently available for PlayStation 4, Mac, and PC.

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