All week , Fanatical is hosting a sale specifically for Sega games! During this limited time, you’ll discover discounts on lots of popular Sega titles including Sonic, WarhammerBayonetta and more.

Follow this affiliate link to find the complete sale for yourself.

Below ’s a listing Some of the games contained in Fanatical’s Sega Week Sale:
Restricted Time Sega Week Bargains

Besides weeklong reductions, Fanatical can also be hosting limited-time “Star Deals. ” daily that week, a new game is going on sale. This ’s the first batch of Star Deals:

Fanatical’s Sega Week won’t last forever. If you’re thinking, you’ve gotta go fast!

Personally, I’ll recommend Alpha Protocol. It’s just $1.50 and, in my opinion, that’s an exceptional cost with this cult classic title. We correctly reviewed Alpha Protocol, but I’d preferably link for this luminous “it wasn’t that bad” editorial. After all, that piece illustrates my point.

Now, I’m not claiming that this game is perfect. To be clear: it’s packed tight with flaws. In fact, calling Alpha Protocol “janky” would practically be an excellent compliment. Nevertheless, it features one of the very fascinating branching narratives ever seen in a game. I was thoroughly impressed by how many crazy turns the narrative can take according to player choices.

Are you selecting any Sega games in this marketplace? Let us know in the comments.

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