If your version of holiday is a little less PG-13 than Dead or Alive Xtreme: Venus Vacation, Bandai Namco’s family-friendly Go Vacation might be your cup of java. And while information of this party game’s Nintendo Switch re-release has generally been light on specifics, a brand new trailer provides a bird’s eye view of what is available in-game.

Seen from the “Overview Trailer” beneath, Go Vacation seems like a Miitomo or Street Pass console alternative. After creating an avatar, you can whisk them off into a vacation resort on Kawawii Island to take part in over 50 mini-games. Compared to the first Wii edition of this game, however, the Nintendo Switch version will encourage wireless drama, new modes (marine fishing), creatures, and creatures.

Go Vacation is presently available on Wii and will make its way to Nintendo Switch on July 27, 2018. Be sure that you take a look at the feature-rich trailer below, also (if you’re interested) can catch it for Switch through Amazon in a budget cost .

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