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As the game that is on everybody ’s head at the moment, there harbor ’t been numerous chances to escape from the grasp of the ever-popular Fortnite, though the name now is apparently bleeding between the traces of electronic vision and IRL reality with an apparent new ARG/scavenger hunt from Epic Games.

From the lead-up to Season 5 of Fortnite, many users around Reddit, Twitter, along with different regions of the net have begun posting their findings of everything seems like an elaborate ARG which Epic Games is crafting based on Fortnite.

The very first of these apparent sightings came a couple of days ago with the look of Durr Burger — the mascot of the in-game fast food chain — outside in the deserts of California.

A couple of days later, however, Reddit user “eversoris86” (about the game’s official subreddit) published a photo of one of Fortnite‘s trademark Loot Llamas out inside a phone booth at London. The Reddit ribbon has enlarged to add various Llamas located in different places around the planet in that time, such as Germany, Spain, Poland, and France.

While we don’t quite know just yet these real-life items are leading up to, it seems all but certain tied into the events which Epic Games is teasing for its massively-popular battle royale titles next season, and it seems for sure like it’ll be the game’s biggest one yet. Since the latest teaser in the studio indicated, it seems that time travel and alternative dimensions will play some component of the next season, so that appears to be a major hint behind the current wave of Fortnite things appearing IRL.

Fortnite is accessible now for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, along with iOS, with the game set to arrive on Android sometime this summer.

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